About Us

Our goal is to provide not only a product, but also full service to our partners. Basically, we are present in the market of quality products. We would like to strengthen this position without compromise! The primary goal is to expand the end user base.

In addition to selling PPE products, we also provide our partners additional services:

  • Consulting of Work-safety
  • Work-safety regulations creation
  • Theoretical and practical trainings
  • Services of III. CAT PPE

    • Corrective eye protection - uvex KSB
    • Fall Protection Product Review – Honeywell, Kratos
    • Respiratory Protection Product Review (SCBA) – Honeywell
    • Orthopedic safety shoes - uvex Medicare, Ejendals

  • Inspections of III. CAT PPE (fall protection equipmenmts, respirators)
  • Trainings with VR tool application

Main vendors  - with direct contact

  • Honeywell
  • Uvex
  • DuPont
  • Ejendals
  • Base Protection
  • Other (Abeba, Sontara, Kratos, Sioen, Kimberly C. etc.)

HQ: 2142 Nagytarcsa, Szilas utca 5.
Tax number: HU14591196
CR number: 13-09-173569
Bank account number: HU60 1040 5004 5050 5752 5356 1027